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Pricing Table 2024 Launch Pricing

Avail yourself of Launch Price discounts. These will go up by 25% shortly.

 Coaching Add-ons

Coaching is all about you the Coachee taking action. However, it can be daunting if you are not used to doing some of the tasks. Given my experience in the Property industry across a few varied Business Models, I can offer some additional services.
What’s Included
Review Deal
I’ll review the deal stacks for your chosen Business Model and the parameters previously discussed.
Review Offer and Help with final Offer
I’ll help you craft the offer price and review your offer pack. Additionally, you’ll get further assistance to increase your offer, if needed.
Viewing Assistance
Accompanying you to site to view a property that you are interested in buying. Will also include an Analysis of the property and list of works needed.
Viewing Assistance [Additional property on same date]
If we are viewing several properties per day, then for each additional property you will get Viewing Assistance and an Analysis document.